Why Okayama Convention Center?

Good access from overseas
Good access from Asia and the world’s major airports.
Okayama Momotaro Airport is 30 minutes away by car or regularly-scheduled buses, offering flights to Tokyo and other destinations in Japan and other Asian countries, with a comprehensive selection of air routes available to travelers. Travelers arriving from abroad at Kansai International Airport or Fukuoka Airport can access Okayama easily using the Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train).
Accessible from overseas
Directly connected to JR Okayama Station
Centrally located in Western Japan on the Seto Inland Sea, in a prime site directly connected to JR Okayama Station, Okayama Convention Center serves as a nexus for people, goods and information.
Situated in the middle of Western Japan, Okayama Prefecture is the hub of the region’s economy and offers a comprehensive transit infrastructure that includes railways and highway links to the Kyoto/Osaka/Nara area and Shikoku Island. Okayama Convention Center is just 3 minutes on foot from JR Okayama Station, which is served by the Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train). With its excellent location, Okayama Convention Center serves as a crossroads for the entire Western Japan region.
Directly connected to JR Okayama Station
Capable of accommodating all kinds of conventions
Accommodating diverse conventions in response to modern needs.
From halls that can accommodate large audiences to conference rooms for small groups, we have facilities that can handle a diverse range of requirements. Okayama Convention Center is ideal for business usage, and numerous halls can be combined as needed. Our fully-equipped facilities are used for hosting a variety of conventions, including academic conferences, seminars and social events.
Able to accommodate all kinds of conventions
Cooperation with nearby facilities
Support for large conventions through cooperation with lodging facilities and conference-related organizations.
Okayama Convention Center is centrally located in downtown Okayama, a city with a population of about 720,000. Numerous hotels are located in the area and long-running conventions are easily accommodated. The hosting of large-scale conventions is also facilitated through a network of institutions of various types, including other convention centers and hotels.
Cooperation with nearby facilities
One-stop solutions for event preparations
A one-stop solution that provides all-inclusive convention hosting services.
We can provide services of any kind, from catering and event equipment to simultaneous interpretation equipment and supporting staff arrangements. Anything can be arranged with us in advance, alleviating any concerns about convention hosting even for organizers who come from distant locations. We reduce the event organizer’s burden, providing one-stop solutions that can enhance your convention.
One-stop solutions for event preparations
Pre- and Post-convention activities
Nature, history and culture influenced by the Seto Inland Sea and Chugoku Mountains provide a wide range of post-convention sightseeing opportunities.
Located close to numerous Japanese tourist attractions, including Okayama Korakuen Garden and Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, Okayama Convention Center offers a wide range of pre- and post-convention sightseeing opportunities. Make your trip a memorable one by visiting a rich variety of tourist attractions that include historical and cultural sites, areas of natural beauty and hot springs.
Post-convention activities
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