Together Under Radiant Skies OKAYAMA Japan

Unique Venue

Welcome to a unique venue offering the best of Okayama.
Okayama’s history dates back to ancient times and the prefecture is a treasure house of cultural assets, including the precious historical sites of ancient Kibi, one of the largest ancient kofun “keyhole” burial mounds in Japan, and shrines associated with the “Legend of Momotaro” recognized as Japan Heritage sites.

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These reception venues offer all the advantages of a compact city, being ideally located right next to JR Okayama Station and a special place of scenic beauty, the Okayama Korakuen Garden. All venues cater to your every need from Japanese cuisine to unique creative menus and Halal food.

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Unique attractions with varied contents bring Okayama history and culture to life.

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Wide selection of pre- and post-convention tours.

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Local Gourmet

Imagine a place where the sun shines brightly in the sky.
Here rainy days are so relatively few that Okayama is known by the catchphrase “The Land of Sunshine.”
Okayama is overflowing with a wide variety of delicious culinary attractions, including fresh seafood from the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea, agricultural products nurtured by nature in regions such as the fertile Okayama plains, the lush green highlands, and the three major rivers that run north to south through the prefecture, as well as sake and wine.
Sit down to sample the delicious cuisine that Okayama has to offer.

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Coffee BreakService

For conventions we offer a variety of catering plans for various scenarios, including coffee break drink service.
For international conferences, we can also arrange short “Japanese cultural performances” in break areas.
Please contact us for further details.

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